Guy Kawasaki on Steve Jobs

I have been fortunate enough to have met both Guy Kawasaki and Steve Jobs. Lucky enough to have had a couple of great talks with Mr. Kawasaki, and a very very very brief one with Mr. Jobs.  I am no one special, just fortunate.  I will remember them, they won’t remember me.  I guess that is the point.  These are two tremendous people who you simply don’t forget.


I was moved by Guy Kawasaki writing on his Google+ account about Steve Jobs

No CEO in the history of mankind has done more for his customers, employees, and shareholders than Steve. I consider it an honor to have worked for him.

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Since 1994 I have been devoted to the research and application of innovative technology solutions to education. My passion for these pursuits has been driven by my experience as a parent of children with special needs. During the economic technological growth explosion of the 1990's I was lived and worked in Silicon Valley, and was fortunate enough to find a group of people with similar interests and passions. As a result I was able to launch a non-profit called Hope Technology Group whose mission became advancing the use of technology in education. We eventually launched Hope Technology School, which has used technology to build a fascinating and effective educational program that practices full inclusion. Around the same time, I was fortunate enough to develop and build an awarding winning program called E-Soccer with the help of great friends and excellent coaches. These endeavors have left me with a continuing hunger to learn more about the possibilites of education, technology, and inclusion.


  1. Richard Hsu

    I worked with Guy Kawasaki when he first started Garage with Craig Johnson of Venture Law Group (my former law firm). I loved this quote on Steve Jobs:

    “You could make the case that Steve has injected so much of his DNA into Apple that Apple will continue or you can make the case that without Steve, Apple will flounder. But you cannot make the case that Apple without Steve Jobs will be better. Hard to conceive of that.”

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