Quick Talk AAC + Nook HD = $160

Quick Talk AAC + Nook HD = $160


Quick Talk AAC version 2.0 has been available on the iOS for some time.   The good news for Android users is version 2.0 is now available on Google Play Store.

We are grateful to our growing community for guiding us to the fresh concepts in this version.   Recently, we have corresponded with Speech and Language Therapist in rural areas.   One of the quotes we received reads as follows…


“I show families in rural Mississippi the power of the iPad in giving a voice to people here not given other chances.  Some professional friends have favorably compared you to Proloquo2Go for ease of programming and I would like to explore your app and show it to users and families who might benefit.”

Quotes like that are why we developed Quick Talk AAC!

I am a father of a son with Autism.  We use Quick Talk AAC.  Our goal was to make it parent friendly.  This allows each parent to replicate what they learn from speech and language therapy at a fraction of the cost.

What do I mean by a fraction of the cost?

Right now the Nook HD sells for $129.  Combined with the cost of Quick Talk AAC you can build an Augmentative Alternative Communication device for $160.   That price is a dream come true for all of us at Digital Scribbler.

About Russ Ewell

Since 1994 I have been devoted to the research and application of innovative technology solutions to education. My passion for these pursuits has been driven by my experience as a parent of children with special needs. During the economic technological growth explosion of the 1990's I was lived and worked in Silicon Valley, and was fortunate enough to find a group of people with similar interests and passions. As a result I was able to launch a non-profit called Hope Technology Group whose mission became advancing the use of technology in education. We eventually launched Hope Technology School, which has used technology to build a fascinating and effective educational program that practices full inclusion. Around the same time, I was fortunate enough to develop and build an awarding winning program called E-Soccer with the help of great friends and excellent coaches. These endeavors have left me with a continuing hunger to learn more about the possibilites of education, technology, and inclusion.


  1. Keri Kennedy

    Greetings, someone pointed me to your app recently and I have been able to try your ios version. I’m more interested in the Android version.

    I’ve used AAC apps with my daughter on her ipad,but I have been searching and searching for one to use on my phone, which is an Android. She does best when there are only two choices (she isn’t a begging user per-se, but cognitively she only does well with two).

    I would love to see some screen shots of how your app would look on a phone (esp an Android phone which is naturally a bit smaller than an iphone).

    the only other one I’ve tried on my phone (which I forget what it is) the images were soo incredibly small it was pointless (it was not sized properly).

    Thank you! I could not find any other way to contact you through your website.

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