Bill Gates 2.0 – Simply Inspiring!

Bill Gates 2.0 – Simply Inspiring!

This 60 minutes interview with Bill Gates is called Bill Gates 2.0.  Two words describe it – “Simply Inspiring!”

I heard Bill Gates speak years ago in San Francisco, then a few weeks later at Stanford.  Even then he was beyond Microsoft.  He was more visionary than the world around him seemed to understand.

What he has done with his talent, time, and money should make all of us think about what really matters in life.

Everyone should have a second act or reinvention like Bill Gates.  We should all discover our 2.0.

About Russ Ewell

Since 1994 I have been devoted to the research and application of innovative technology solutions to education. My passion for these pursuits has been driven by my experience as a parent of children with special needs. During the economic technological growth explosion of the 1990's I was lived and worked in Silicon Valley, and was fortunate enough to find a group of people with similar interests and passions. As a result I was able to launch a non-profit called Hope Technology Group whose mission became advancing the use of technology in education. We eventually launched Hope Technology School, which has used technology to build a fascinating and effective educational program that practices full inclusion. Around the same time, I was fortunate enough to develop and build an awarding winning program called E-Soccer with the help of great friends and excellent coaches. These endeavors have left me with a continuing hunger to learn more about the possibilites of education, technology, and inclusion.

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