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Inspiration For Dads Everywhere

The nature of twitter is that while living in Silicon Valley, I discovered a sensory friendly concert being held in Millersville, Maryland.  Having been a part of sensory friendly movie viewing, awards ceremonies, and various other activities I had to take a look.

What I found was an interesting and inspiring link to a seventeen year old young lady named Nicole.   Here is how she describes herself on her blog.

My name is Nicole, and I am seventeen years old. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism. I also have synesthesia, which means I see music. I play 25 instruments, and I will try my best to keep an updated list of all of them somewhere on this blog. I am learning trombone and am posting daily videos charting my progress.

I was particularly moved by her father who I was able to watch perform in a You Tube video posted on her blog.   They play “Chopsticks” together.   What a great dad!  You can find it here.