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The Power of Inclusion

When Justine Weisner ran for a touchdown in the high school football game between Newton-Conover and West Caldwell, he provided everyone with a powerful example of inclusion.

WCNC of Charlotte, North Carolina covered this story of inclusion, something I hope more news stations go out of their way to do.   They quoted Newton-Conover Red Devil Running Back Paul Forney:

“It was nothing that’s ever happened before,” he said.

They also quoted one of the coaches:

“I’ve never been a part of a touchdown where both teams celebrated,” said Newton-Conover Coach Nick Bazzle.

This is exactly why inclusion helps everyone…it brings people together.  Those with special needs feel valued, while those who are typical experience the joys of empathy.   Take a look at this video, and tell me you don’t see and feel the power of inclusion.