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Technorati On Hacking Autism

Jeremy Robb wrote a tremendous article on new Hacking Autism Initiative. It explains a great deal more about the vision than I have heard.

He explains what Hacking Autism proposes to do:

“Hence, enter Hacking Autism, a social initiative that was announced at the Maker Faire by Phil McKinney, the CTO of HP’s Personal Systems Group.

Hacking Autism is a place where software developers and parents or specialists who need apps for those on the spectrum can get together and work out projects for their needs. The idea is to provide software tools for free (or at least with a free trial), thereby giving those on the spectrum assistance through technology.

The overall benefit for any company willing to invest time and effort in this project is name recognition and up-selling of other projects that may be related. The benefit for the community is, hopefully, the explosion of free apps that otherwise may not be created and/or may not be found.”

Read the entire article here.