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Educational Technology’s Internet Moment

April 21, 2011 Bloomberg Businessweek published an article entitled, “Educational Tech Gets a Second Look.”    They reported that “Silicon Valley put $177 million in educational technology companies last year”, which as it turns out was “triple the amount they invested in 2007.”   One of the more interesting quotes ran as follows:

“Education is having its Internet moment,” says Rob Stavis of Bessemer Venture Partners, a prominent venture fund.

The fact that so much money is moving in the direction of education is encouraging, but it raises important questions.  Do these investors, entrepreneurs, and engineers have the necessary classroom connection to help rather than hinder learning?  Will their products interfere or be easily integrated?  Can ventures, whose fundamental purpose is the selling of products, make learning a core value?

These and questions like them must be effectively answered for the millions being invested to teach, and not merely make money.