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Think: Getting to #4

The speed of life has increased exponentially.   We are always on.   The intense connectivity of mobile technology has revolutionized life.  The benefits are countless.  I won’t give them up, but they do make it hard to think.

We are inundated with powerful streams of information and stimulation on the outside.  Those outside forces can be mistaken for inside activity.  We think we are thinking, but everyone and everything is thinking for us.

We are always on, so it is difficult to think.   When we can’t remember the last time we had an original thought, then it is time to think.

The last couple of months I decided to think.  If you interact with me on social media, then you have probably noticed.   I made thinking my priority.   I did a little less listening to the outside noise, so I could hear the inside thinking.

This lead me to do four things.

  1. Clear my Mind
  2. Focus my Attention
  3. Shift my Thinking
  4. Embrace Innovation

The first 3 have been done, which means the rest of the year is about getting to number 4!