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7 ways Chromebooks are Catching iPads

Chrome Charging Station
Chrome Charging Station


Chromebooks are steadily gaining ground on iPads.   Why?   Here are 7 reasons.


1) Chromebooks are for Creating iPads are for Consuming – This argument is well made by Joshua Kim of EdSurge


2) Intel is Providing Choice – The rugged CTL Chromebook for Education and customizeable Lenovo Thinkpad 11e Chromebook


Lenovo Chromebook N20p
Lenovo Chromebook N20p


3) Android Apps will run on the Chromebook – Enormous benefits will come from only having to buy one app one time to run everywhere


4) LogIn Time, Google Apps, Technology FailureBlake Seufert meticulously details these reasons as why Australia chose Chromebook over iPad.


5) Share the same Chromebook with OthersMaggie Summers of Edudemic details the benefits of sharing Chromebooks


6) Chromebooks Connect the Classroom – Just take one look at the Google Connected Classroom, and the Virtual Field Trip Below


7) Getting Started is Easy – There are an enormous number of resources online like 30 Ways to use Chromebook in the Classroom.

These are compelling reasons.   I especially enjoyed reading about the Kentucky Country Day R&D experiment.   A great example of how to effectively launch Chrome.