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The Origin of E-Soccer, an Inclusive Sports Program

The “This is Me” podcast launched its pilot episode discussing the benefits and necessity of creating an inclusive environment for everyone. The founders of the internationally known inclusive program, E-Soccer, Russ Ewell and Greg Bodzioch, discuss how they went about beginning the program.

With the “e” standing for “exceptional,” E-Soccer was meant to bridge the gap between children with special needs and their neurotypical peers. Since its start in 2001, the program has exponentially grown, expanding from a single soccer field in the Bay Area to programs across the country and world. Today, kids can participate in not only E-Soccer, but a variety of E-Sports as well, ranging from E-Hoops to E-Dance.

As Russ and Greg discuss in the podcast, this program is so much more than something to do on a Saturday morning. It provides friends and companions for kids with special needs throughout the rest of their lives, and imparts a perspective and heart to neurotypical children that they will carry with them forever. To find out more about the program, go to to learn how to get involved.

Take a listen as they share their story on the first episode of “This Is Me”