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Inclusive Gaming: Xbox Adaptive Controller

Inclusion should not be limited to the walls of a classroom or even a workplace. It should be a mindset that is implemented in every interaction, activity, and community. When companies of influence incorporate inclusion into their products and services, they are promoting an inclusive mindset that their customers and followers can adopt. Xbox has sought out to do just that with the introduction of an adaptive controller.

As one of the occupational therapists in the video points out, this adaptive controller is about so much more than just gaming.  It allows for an increase in confidence and social connection that wouldn’t have been possible without the adaptive functions.  And perhaps even more significant than the product itself is the message it sends about inclusion. By allowing those with disabilities or motor limitations to play alongside their typically-developing peers, the controller promotes social and emotional inclusion. Being able to contribute builds confidence and provides intellectual inclusion. An inclusive environment benefits everyone – not only those with special needs.

We look forward to seeing more companies and organizations develop adaptive products and services that promote an inclusive mindset!