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Dec 11th – This Week In Virtual Reality

Latest in VR Technology:

  • Ultra High-End VR headset XTAL teams up with Neurable to  unveil the capability of emotional analysis with VR headsets. Coupling eye tracking with EEG (Electroencephalography), this headset offers much more capable analysis of the user’s emotions, intent, and brain activity.
  • Facebook’s VR company Oculus just got approved a patent for “retinal resolution” displays. Also using eye tracking to present only what the user is looking at in high definition, greatly reducing the computing cost of making the entire screen HD, matching what the brain and human eye do already.

Latest in VR Applications:

  • This article displays just a couple of the companies making different life experiences easier with Virtual Reality. OperaVR is working with dentist patients to allow them to watch relaxing nature scenes while someone is working on their teeth, SkyLights allows flight passengers to watch movies or shows with an immersive, 2D or 3D experience with their VR headsets.

Virtual Reality in Schools: