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Author: Russ Ewell

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Google I/O, Tango, and Android Gear

I was fortunate enough to attend Google I/O 2014. There are two things which captured my attention. The first was Project Tango, which was on my radar prior to Google I/O. Project Tango is the work of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) and is lead by Johnny Lee. The work they are doing with new high powered tablets holds great promise for those with special needs.
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Disruption, DynaVox, and the iPad

Mobile technology and the in-the-garage development of apps for those with disabilities has brought Apple, Google, and Samsung into competition with DynaVox and Tobii. Individuals with disabilities limited to a few companies willing to meet their needs suddenly have significant choice. For the first time, those with disabilities are purchasing the same cutting edge technologies coveted by the general public. They are benefiting from the purchasing power of the majority, which creates ever decreasing prices combined with constantly improving features.

E-Soccer and SJ Earthquakes Lunch

E-Soccer has become far more than I ever imagined when it began in a dusty field with 8 kids. Because of our expansion to other cities and countries nearly 1000 kids participate. This means typical and special needs children play together and become friends. Our work has expanded because important organizations like the Earthquakes involve themselves in the community and provide us with support.

Lunch w/San Jose Earthquakes

Today I will be heading to lunch with the Earthquakes at their new stadium.   I was fortunate enough to receive a personal invitation to attend,  because of my work with E-Soccer. I am going to use this as an opportunity to launch our new WordPress setup.. So here goes..

Inclusive Sports and Schools Podcast Interview

Tim Villegas¬†has created an incredible network of relationships for advancing the cause of Inclusion. You can read more about Tim on his site, where the Podcast interview he inspired me to do resides. My microphone was not the greatest, but Tim does an extraordinary job getting me to talk about the journey of creating inclusive…