Top 10 Tips for Using Quick Talk like a Pro

#1 Personalize the buttons with pictures and colors

Every button that a user has on their Quick Talk account can be personalized with your pictures. Simply edit the button you wish to personalize, then tap on the image in order to take a picture or update a photo from your camera roll.


#2 Use Yes/No for quick answers to questions

Sometimes you need a fast response to a question, when at the store, in a conversation, a restaurant, or anywhere else. For on-the-go quick responses, from any screen, simply tap the Yes/No button on the top of the screen for easy answers to questions wherever you’re at. 


#3 Personalize text to speech Voice & Language

One of the main drivers we had for creating this app was giving people a personal voice. Quick Talk allows the ability to personalize the voice and language in which your phrases are spoken. In your user settings, you can choose different languages, male or female voices, and accents to match whatever kind of voice you want. This is one of the customization features that allow you to create your unique voice.


#4 Customizing the caption – shorten compared to the spoken phrase

Quick Talk automatically sets the caption for your personalized buttons as the same as the spoken phrase. Alternatively, you can customize your captions that appear beneath the button when you are viewing it. 


#5 Record your voice

Along with the High-Quality text-to-speech that Quick Talk already has included, you can use your personalized voice for each button. Simply click edit on the button you wish to use your voice for, and record your own voice for each spoken phrase. Then when you click on the specified button, your own recorded voice will play. 


#6 Save your profile to the cloud

One key feature you will want to use is saving your profile to the cloud. This will keep everything in your profile, including all pictures, categories, and buttons, to your favorite cloud storage service, such as iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive. This allows you to do two convenient things: backup your profile in case your device is damaged and create a copy of your profile on a separate device such as for work or school. To access this feature, click Backup to Cloud from the Profile menu. This will begin to package everyone included in your profile and upload. If you want to restore this profile or use it on a separate device, then in the Profile screen, select New Profile from Backup and select the backup file you uploaded.


#7 Choose how many buttons you want on a page

Some people like having many options on the screen, and others prefer to limit them. Quick Talk allows you to choose the number of speech buttons that are on the screen for each page, from as few as one and as many as 8. For those who want to simplify their choices or have fine motor skill challenges, choose a lower number. For those who want to see as many options as possible, choose a higher number to be on the same screen. Quick Talk will automatically adjust the button size as you add buttons on the page. This can be customized for each page that you have, so feel free to change it up!


#8 Typing mode

Some people have the ability to type and would rather use this feature to communicate instead of speech buttons. It works as simply as typing and pressing the big speak button to share with someone. Some have used Typing mode as a way to develop this skill. Typing mode is easily accessed by clicking on the typewriter button on the top of the screen.


#9 Choose to display images for category list

A newer feature on Quick Talk is the ability to display page images on the category screen. Initially, it is just the category name on the screen, making it difficult for some to find the one they were looking for. Now by clicking the icon button on the bottom, you can toggle between showing images or just text. We hope this helps you as you are navigating Quick Talk to find the speech buttons you are looking for.


#10 Sentence Builder

The sentence builder gives you a way to build sentences as you communicate. To use this, set up your buttons as words only. As you type in words, they appear in the sentence builder to wait until your sentence is completed and then share it. This is useful for this who prefers not to initially set up their buttons as sentences and want more freedom in how they communicate on the fly.

We always love hearing from our customers and fans!  Feel free to email us any questions or comments about Quick Talk. You can reach us at or on our Contact page.