Step Inside The Virtual World Where Possibilities Are Endless For Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is a burgeoning technology space that is only limited by what we can image. With those possibility there has been an effort to use VR for good. Whether in the education arena or, simply,  even helping kids with doctor visits and receiving vaccines.

Russ sits down with Parker and Sean to talk about VR and the possibilities of what it can do to be a tool to aid and help people. Possibly providing a safe space to face fears or prepare for medical appointments for those in the special needs community. Or in the classroom, making education a more hands on experience by taking hard to grasp concepts and placing the students in a virtual world that allows them to experience their education.

We will check back in with Sean and Parker, plus the Digital Scribbler team, to learn more about their progress with Virtual Reality, so stay tuned.

Mentioned On The Show:

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