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Building A Dream Team

Building A Dream Team   It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision. Helen Keller After almost twenty years of parenting children with special needs, my wife and I have learned the necessity of vision.  We have also learned a great deal about the importance of hope.  Without vision and hope a…

For Fathers Facing Autism

Disability Scoop is a very useful resource for individuals or families with disabilities.   Their recent interview with Christopher Gorham (a central character on USA Network’s Covert Affairs) raised three important questions for fathers. Am I Afraid to Ask? The courage, honesty and depth with which Mr. Gorham handled his son’s autism diagnosis, should provide…

Respecting The Emotions of Autism

The Autism News reported on the release of  the Affectiva Q Sensorr on May 17.  I couldn’t find any media images on the Affectiva site, so I borrowed this from Bing in hopes that they won’t mind me giving you a look.  Please check out their site. What is most significant about this technological development…