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InHacking Autism

Apple’s Worthy Competitor

In my recent post titled “The Paperback of Tablets” I wrote about my belief in the 7 inch tablet, as well as Amazon.   It is my belief that Amazon has the retail chops to successfully compete with Apple.   They understand the retail market better than Apple, and almost as well as Walmart.   My guess is…

Innovative Technology for Autism Initiative

I discovered this wonderful program which is the result of a partnership between Autism Speaks and Core77.   This is how it is described on the Autism Speaks Blog. Autism Speaks’ Innovative Technology for Autism Initiative (ITA) has teamed up with design network Core77 to produce “Autism Connects,” Core77 to produce “Autism Connects,” a student technology…

The Dream of Inclusion (Part 2)

A dream doesn’t have to be perfect to be believed.  What I mean is our lack of understanding of what is required to successfully implement inclusion, does not preclude us from believing it is possible. The dream of inclusion is a positive and hopeful social vision.  Its’ aim is a community where people are valued…