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Quick Talk AAC Excellent Reviews

TherapyApp411 – speech and language therapist discuss the tools they use Special Education Advisor – resources for navigating the special education system We were fortunate to be reviewed by both of these sites. Their reputations for useful and innovative information is well known.
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The Courage to Stop

“Your genetic energy level enables your lack of discipline,” Rochelle continued. “Instead of leading a disciplined life, you lead a busy life.” The Stop Doing List by Jim Collins USA Today, December 30, 2003 Digital Scribbler recently completed the first step in our effort to develop a transformational Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) App. We…
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Quick Talk Steps Up (Pictures & Audio)

We are very excited to announce a Quick Talk update is immediately available on the Android Market.  Quick Talk is now picture and audio recording capable. Anyone who currently owns Quick Talk will receive the update for free, and if you have friends who want to purchase it, the price remains 99 cents. We are…
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Reflections on Hacking Autism

Americans’ entrepreneurial self-esteem is now embodied by Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon. These are indeed fabulously innovative companies with world-beating business models. Yet one wonders if they are increasingly the exception, not the rule, and if the passing of Mr Jobs is simply the most prominent example of a broader decline in American entrepreneurship. Steve…