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On Teaching

I always viewed myself as a teacher, not a coach. John Wooden,  A Game Plan For Life I recently tweeted a recommendation to read Fred Wilson’s blog post on teaching.  It felt a bit odd, since he isn’t actually a teacher, at least not by traditional definitions.  He is a venture capitalist, but if you…

What is Hacking Autism?

Hacking Autism arose out of a collaboration between Hewlett Packard, Goodby Silverstein, and Hope Technology School.   This effort has been going on for about 2 years, and part of the dream has become a reality with the release of Hacking Autism. Check it out, get involved, and spread the word.

The Digital World

The Digital World presents new opportunities and challenges. Howard Gardner of Harvard University succinctly describes that world, and ways in which we can navigate it successfully.   His ideas and insights made me reflect on some important questions. Do we have enough familiarity with this world to understand it, and its’ implications for the young people…

Innovative Technology for Autism Initiative

I discovered this wonderful program which is the result of a partnership between Autism Speaks and Core77.   This is how it is described on the Autism Speaks Blog. Autism Speaks’ Innovative Technology for Autism Initiative (ITA) has teamed up with design network Core77 to produce “Autism Connects,” Core77 to produce “Autism Connects,” a student technology…

Salman Khan: Making Learning Attractive

He started teaching his cousins, now he’s teaching the world. What can he teach us about teaching? Watch this interview…wait for Charlie Rose to ask the question, “What’s Wrong With The Way We Teach?” Listen to his answer.  Consider your own. Spend time digesting how he prepares. What do you think about the concept he…

The Zac Browser (Sign Up For New Beta Zac Picto)

The Zac Browser has been an indispensable tool for our own children as well as numerous children in our programs.   The thoughtful and innovative construction of this browser sets an example for all software developed on behalf of children and adults with special needs.   The story of its construction is nothing less than inspirational….