making communication simple.

It’s Accessible

A great communication device needs to travel with you and fit in a pant pocket or purse. With Quick Talk, our AAC communication app, you can go anywhere with your child, whip out your phone or tablet, and communicate at the speed of life.

Choose Device Size that Works Best for You
Available for both iOS and Android and works well with all device sizes
Easy to Navigate
Large, easy to use buttons on each screen including quick access to Yes/No
It’s Simple

When you are on the move at or away from home, you can’t have software developed for those with computer science degrees. Setting it up ought to be easy, since the life of a special needs family is already complicated. You also don’t need software capable of giving a college lecture. Quick Talk is an AAC communication app that allows for quick and functional conversation, when you are on the move.

Easy Setup
Create a profile and start using within minutes. Easily add buttons before a new event or on the go.
Easy to Use
Navigate to speech buttons in 1-2 clicks. Organize your buttons by category and page to find easily. View thumbnails to facilitate those with a challenge with visual memory.
Quick Access to Yes-No
Every page allows quick access to Yes & No buttons to make communicating important requests quickly.
It’s Flexible

You want the software to work for you, not have you working for it. You don’t want a bunch of stuff someone else set up, and make your family adapt to their style of communication. You want something you can customize. Quick Talk allows for personalized rather than engineered communication.

Choice of High Quality Text-to-Speech Voice or Record Own Speech
We include 50 voices (both male and female) in 24 languages or you can choose to record your own voice for speech phrases.
Typing Mode
For those who can read, typing mode allows you to speak as you type. It learns your favorite words and phrases to make speaking faster and faster as you use it more.
Unlimited Options for Personalizing Speech Buttons
We include 11,000 SLP-approved images to choose for each button or you can use a picture taken from camera or gallery. Each button also can have a separate color to better identify.
Demo Video

Watch the demonstration video on how easy to use Quick Talk AAC is. We will be adding more videos weekly.