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InHacking Autism

Education & Android?

The Galaxy S III is due to arrive in the U.S. this summer.   This will be one of the cutting edge phones delivered to consumers with a 4.8 inch screen, Android 4.0, as well as an assortment of voice and video tools. The Galaxy S III will even come with its own pen, and…
InHacking Autism

Finding Apps for Special Education

This is a quick post.  There are few resources as useful as Technology in Special Education.  Here in one location parents, teachers, therapists, and students can find a wide variety of apps for iOS.   Spend a few minutes here, and the possibilities for education and development appear limitless. Technology in Special Education was recently…

Education + Technology = Hope

A child miseducated is a child lost John F. Kennedy A significant number of social and economic maladies afflicting every country can be attributed to a lack of education.  Nearly every negative social and economic statistic would decline, if we were more effective in educating our populations. Education is powerful, it changes lives.  The education…