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Why I Decided to Learn to Code

I am a proponent of people learning to code even those working in fields outside of technology. As we continue to add more and more technology to our lives, the ability to code will allow people to personalize their experience as well as continue to improve how the technology is used in their life. There…
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Education & Android?

The Galaxy S III is due to arrive in the U.S. this summer.   This will be one of the cutting edge phones delivered to consumers with a 4.8 inch screen, Android 4.0, as well as an assortment of voice and video tools. The Galaxy S III will even come with its own pen, and…
InHacking Autism

Finding Apps for Special Education

This is a quick post.  There are few resources as useful as Technology in Special Education.  Here in one location parents, teachers, therapists, and students can find a wide variety of apps for iOS.   Spend a few minutes here, and the possibilities for education and development appear limitless. Technology in Special Education was recently…