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Special Needs Parents Should Make ‘Big Bets’

Twenty years of experience parenting children with special needs has taught me a simple truth.  Every now and then we need to make ‘Big Bets’. I was reminded of this reading about Larry Page and his leadership of Google.   Incremental change is not enough.  Innovation will require a “Big Bet” at some point. “Big Bets” don’t have…
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Can Simplicity Make AAC Emotional?

  Insanely Simple Insanely Simple by Ken Segall is an incredible book.  It opened my eyes, changed my mind, and helped me understand what my son was trying to teach me. My son likes simplicity. He would rather you leave something out, and make it work, than leave it in at the risk of diminished functionality.  This…
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A Social Stories App?

“Let’s take just one stakeholder example: students with disabilities, as well as their teachers and parents. Autism advocate and software developer Russ Ewell from the Hope Technology Group is excited. “Apple could unlock another door for autism with this breakthrough,” Ewell said. “Parents could create social story books.” So could special education teachers or therapists,…

Dyslexia: The Teacher Seldom Spoke To Us

Philip Schultz wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times on Dyslexia.  Every parent, teacher, and therapist of a child with dyslexia should read this article.  It is filled with real emotion, hope, and determination.  His words explain the pain, but they also paint a vision of great possibility.  I was especially taken by…

Building A Dream Team

Building A Dream Team   It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision. Helen Keller After almost twenty years of parenting children with special needs, my wife and I have learned the necessity of vision.  We have also learned a great deal about the importance of hope.  Without vision and hope a…

The Power of Inclusion

When Justine Weisner ran for a touchdown in the high school football game between Newton-Conover and West Caldwell, he provided everyone with a powerful example of inclusion. WCNC of Charlotte, North Carolina covered this story of inclusion, something I hope more news stations go out of their way to do.   They quoted Newton-Conover Red…