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Special Needs Parents Should Make ‘Big Bets’

Twenty years of experience parenting children with special needs has taught me a simple truth.  Every now and then we need to make ‘Big Bets’. I was reminded of this reading about Larry Page and his leadership of Google.   Incremental change is not enough.  Innovation will require a “Big Bet” at some point. “Big Bets” don’t have…

The Lose Lose of Autism & Law Enforcement

Somehow in some way we need to address the lose lose of Autism and Law Enforcement. Recently, Wood TV reported the story of a 19 year old with autism being restrained, handcuffed, and placed in custody. John Bessinger took his son, Johnathan, to the courthouse downtown Grand Rapids for a guardianship hearing Wednesday. Before they…

Dyslexia: The Teacher Seldom Spoke To Us

Philip Schultz wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times on Dyslexia.  Every parent, teacher, and therapist of a child with dyslexia should read this article.  It is filled with real emotion, hope, and determination.  His words explain the pain, but they also paint a vision of great possibility.  I was especially taken by…

Everyone Has A Voice

I believe everyone has a voice, and that helping each other find it can be one of the most fulilling purposes in life. Bella Tommey shows one way we can live out this purpose… On Wednesday, April 27, 2011, Sophie Goodchild, the Health and Social Affairs Correspondent of the London Evening Standard told the story…