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The Origin of E-Soccer, an Inclusive Sports Program

The “This is Me” podcast launched its pilot episode discussing the benefits and necessity of creating an inclusive environment for everyone. The founders of the internationally known inclusive program, E-Soccer, Russ Ewell and Greg Bodzioch, discuss how they went about beginning the program. With the “e” standing for “exceptional,” E-Soccer was meant to bridge the...

E-Soccer and SJ Earthquakes Lunch

E-Soccer has become far more than I ever imagined when it began in a dusty field with 8 kids. Because of our expansion to other cities and countries nearly 1000 kids participate. This means typical and special needs children play together and become friends. Our work has expanded because important organizations like the Earthquakes involve themselves in the community and provide us with support.

Inclusive Sports and Schools Podcast Interview

Tim Villegas has created an incredible network of relationships for advancing the cause of Inclusion. You can read more about Tim on his site, where the Podcast interview he inspired me to do resides. My microphone was not the greatest, but Tim does an extraordinary job getting me to talk about the journey of creating inclusive…