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Frustrated by your child’s school?

This is a quick post, because the last few days I have been talking to a number of people who have been frustrated by their child’s school.   They haven’t been able to get the help or services their child needs – services they know their child needs. This is not about blaming the school….

Dyslexia: The Teacher Seldom Spoke To Us

Philip Schultz wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times on Dyslexia.  Every parent, teacher, and therapist of a child with dyslexia should read this article.  It is filled with real emotion, hope, and determination.  His words explain the pain, but they also paint a vision of great possibility.  I was especially taken by…
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Hacking Autism: What It Means To Me

Discovery News published “Treating Autism:  There’s An App For That” on Monday, August 15.   It talks about the power and potential of touch technology to help people with autism.   It also mentions Hope Technology School, which is familiar to anyone who visits this blog or follows me on Twitter or Google+. The most exciting thing…
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How Touch Technology Provides Hope

Brandon Bailey of the San Jose Mercury news penned a tremendous article on autism today called, “Using touchscreens and apps to treat autism.”   This is a story that has been in the press with some regularity, but my sense is up until now the audience being reached primarily consists of early adopters (those folks who…

Building A Dream Team

Building A Dream Team   It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision. Helen Keller After almost twenty years of parenting children with special needs, my wife and I have learned the necessity of vision.  We have also learned a great deal about the importance of hope.  Without vision and hope a…