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Hacking Autism: What It Means To Me

Discovery News published “Treating Autism:  There’s An App For That” on Monday, August 15.   It talks about the power and potential of touch technology to help people with autism.   It also mentions Hope Technology School, which is familiar to anyone who visits this blog or follows me on Twitter or Google+. The most exciting thing…
InHacking Autism

Apple’s Worthy Competitor

In my recent post titled “The Paperback of Tablets” I wrote about my belief in the 7 inch tablet, as well as Amazon.   It is my belief that Amazon has the retail chops to successfully compete with Apple.   They understand the retail market better than Apple, and almost as well as Walmart.   My guess is…
InHacking Autism

Hack for Autism! Sign Up Now!

I have already written about the powerful collaboration that is Hacking Autism. Having watched the evolution of this effort, I am inspired by the contributions of all involved, but also aware of the fact that without software developers everything could come to nothing. That is why I believe it is critical that everyone possible join…

Respecting The Emotions of Autism

The Autism News reported on the release of  the Affectiva Q Sensor on May 17.  I couldn’t find any media images on the Affectiva site, so I borrowed this from Bing in hopes that they won’t mind me giving you a look.  Please check out their site. What is most significant about this technological development…

The Digital World

The Digital World presents new opportunities and challenges. Howard Gardner of Harvard University succinctly describes that world, and ways in which we can navigate it successfully.   His ideas and insights made me reflect on some important questions. Do we have enough familiarity with this world to understand it, and its’ implications for the young people…

Innovative Technology for Autism Initiative

I discovered this wonderful program which is the result of a partnership between Autism Speaks and Core77.   This is how it is described on the Autism Speaks Blog. Autism Speaks’ Innovative Technology for Autism Initiative (ITA) has teamed up with design network Core77 to produce “Autism Connects,” Core77 to produce “Autism Connects,” a student technology…