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A Passion for Teaching

You haven’t taught until they have learned attributed to John Wooden My parents made certain we attended incredible schools, but my mom wouldn’t teach in them.  There were two reasons for this decision.  She didn’t want to teach in the schools her children attended, and more importantly, she wanted to teach children of color.  My…

Frustrated by your child’s school?

This is a quick post, because the last few days I have been talking to a number of people who have been frustrated by their child’s school.   They haven’t been able to get the help or services their child needs – services they know their child needs. This is not about blaming the school….

Dyslexia: The Teacher Seldom Spoke To Us

Philip Schultz wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times on Dyslexia.  Every parent, teacher, and therapist of a child with dyslexia should read this article.  It is filled with real emotion, hope, and determination.  His words explain the pain, but they also paint a vision of great possibility.  I was especially taken by…
InHacking Autism

Built In The Garage

When Audrey Watters wrote “Is This The Year of The Educational Tablet“, Digital Scribbler a distant dream.   Now we have been fortunate enough to have her able pen write about the work we are doing. One of my favorite lines comes at the beginning. “Built in the garage” has long been a powerful origin…

The Power of Inclusion

When Justine Weisner ran for a touchdown in the high school football game between Newton-Conover and West Caldwell, he provided everyone with a powerful example of inclusion. WCNC of Charlotte, North Carolina covered this story of inclusion, something I hope more news stations go out of their way to do.   They quoted Newton-Conover Red…

Do We Believe In Children…With Dyslexia?

When I moved to Silicon Valley in 1993 Businessweek Magazine was a staple of my reading diet.  Over time it became less important–less relevant to me.  I wasn’t the only one who felt this way, which lead to Bloomberg buying and reinventing the magazine. Recently, Nick Lieber published a story for Bloomberg Businessweek titled, “New…