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A Passion for Teaching

You haven’t taught until they have learned attributed to John Wooden My parents made certain we attended incredible schools, but my mom wouldn’t teach in them.  There were two reasons for this decision.  She didn’t want to teach in the schools her children attended, and more importantly, she wanted to teach children of color.  My…

The Googlization of Hope Technology School

  You’re just a fool Just a fool To Believe you can change the world Change, Carried Underwood   Steve Jobs famously said, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”.  His brand of ‘foolishness’ changed the world.  We can practice this same type of ‘foolishness’, and through our own efforts produce change in the world. Thanksgiving weekend was…
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Could Apple Revolutionize Special Education?

Let’s take just one stakeholder example: students with disabilities, as well as their teachers and parents. Autism advocate and software developer Russ Ewell from the Hope Technology Group is excited. “Apple could unlock another door for autism with this breakthrough,” Ewell said. “Parents could create social story books.” So could special education teachers or therapists,…

Education + Technology = Hope

A child miseducated is a child lost John F. Kennedy A significant number of social and economic maladies afflicting every country can be attributed to a lack of education.  Nearly every negative social and economic statistic would decline, if we were more effective in educating our populations. Education is powerful, it changes lives.  The education…

Dyslexia: The Teacher Seldom Spoke To Us

Philip Schultz wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times on Dyslexia.  Every parent, teacher, and therapist of a child with dyslexia should read this article.  It is filled with real emotion, hope, and determination.  His words explain the pain, but they also paint a vision of great possibility.  I was especially taken by…

On Teaching

I always viewed myself as a teacher, not a coach. John Wooden,  A Game Plan For Life I recently tweeted a recommendation to read Fred Wilson’s blog post on teaching.  It felt a bit odd, since he isn’t actually a teacher, at least not by traditional definitions.  He is a venture capitalist, but if you…