Quick Talk AAC from Digital Scribbler

Quick Talk was designed to give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. Available on both iOS and Android devices, Quick Talk makes communication simple, fast and flexible to what you need.


fast and flexible.

It’s Accessible

A great communication device needs to fit in a pant pocket or purse and also have the ability to be used on larger devices. With Quick Talk you can go anywhere with your child, whip out your phone or tablet, and have communication at the speed of life.



and easy to use.


It’s Simple

When you are on the move at or away from home, you can’t have software developed for those with computer science degrees. Setting it up ought to be easy, since the life of a special needs family is already complicated. You also don’t need software capable of giving a college lecture. Quick Talk allows for quick and functional conversation, when you are on the move.


free flowing conversations.

It’s Flexible

You want the software to work for you, not have you working for it. You don’t want a bunch of stuff someone else set up, and make your family adapt to their style of communication. You want something you can customize. Quick Talk allows for personalized rather than engineered communication.


Quick Talk Features

New Button Options


  • Easy to Navigate, Great to Look At, and Fun to Use!
  • Profiles Allow for Multiple Users and/or Environments (i.e. School, Home, Work, etc)
  • Each Profile Can Set Up Individually, with Different Voice, Typing Mode Options, and Categories
  • Create Unlimited Profiles, Categories, and Pages
  • Personalize Everything with Pictures, Photos, Color, Captions, Text-to-Speech Audio and/or Personal Audio


  • Create Pages with up to 8 Speech Buttons Each (iPad only)
  • Personalize Speech Buttons with Photos, Symbols, Colors, Captions, Text-to-Speech Audio and/or Personal Audio
  • Three High Quality US English Voices (male and female) to Choose From For Text-to-Speech
  • Includes Smarty Symbols library of 11,000 symbols developed by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Easy Navigation to Other Pages; Visual Thumbnails to Indicate Previous and Next Page


  • Typing Mode Allows You to Speak as You Type
  • Quickly Switch to Typing Mode from Any Screen
  • Choose from Different Options (i.e. Speak Each Word, Speak Each Sentence, Clear Window After Speaking Automatically, etc)
  • Four Predictive Word Choices as You Type; Predicts Current Word and Next Word
  • Learns your Favorite Words and Phrases as You Type
  • Option to Delete Predictive Words (Good for Misspellings or Personal Items)
  • Typing Mode Design is Clear and Easy to Use


  • Sentence Strip Records Your Speech History So You Can Play It Back
  • Use It To Combine Words And Phrases to Make Sentences
  • Combine Both Text-to-Speech Audio and Personally Recorded Audio


  • Quickly Access Yes/No Buttons from Every Screen
  • One Press of Button for Window to Pop Up
  • Easily Communicate Within Seconds