intuitive and affordable.

It’s Accessible

A great communication device needs to travel with you and fit in a pant pocket or purse. With our products, you can go anywhere with your child, whip out your phone or tablet, and have communication at the speed of life.

Choose Device Size that Works Best for You
Available for both iOS and Android and works well with all device sizes
It’s Intuitive

You don’t want to have to take a class to understand how to use your speech app. You already know how to use Quick Type. Just type and start talking.

Easy to Use
Simply type what you want to say and your device will speak for you.
Quick Access to Yes-No
Provides quick access to Yes & No buttons to make communicating important requests quickly.
It’s Affordable

You want software that doesn’t break the bank to purchase yet is fully featured so you don’t need anything more. We designed Quick Type as the most intuitive, affordable text-to-speech software available.

Choice of High Quality Text-to-Speech Voices
We include 50 voices (both male and female) in 24 languages