We use technology to help people overcome human limits.

Assistive Technology

Digital Scribbler is an assistive technology company, whose “built in the garage” origin story typifies Silicon Valley. This garage is more mentality than place. It is a mindset which says, “If we can dream it, we can build it.”

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At Digital Scribbler, we love connecting with people and developing technology. These are our focuses.



We connect people within the special needs community with resources that can change lives. We love learning about new programs being developed and offering our expertise and support.



We develop high quality and affordable software to help individuals overcome human limits. We have a devoted team of engineers who all have experience or connection within the special needs community.



We work with universities, organizations, and companies to develop innovative technologies to improve the life of those with special needs.


% World Population with Disability

*World Health Organization


# in US with Voice Limitation

*National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders

1 in 68

# in US Living with Autism

*National Institutes of Health

Become A Partner

We love to partner with those who are doing great work around the world with this important cause. If you are part of an organization that is doing something special, please let us know as we would love to hear. Let’s change the world together!

Quick Talk

A whole new way to communicate. Quick Talk is designed to be the most flexible, accessible, and affordable AAC solution available.

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Quick Type

Introducing an affordable, intuitive text-to-speech app.  Simply type what you want to say and your device will speak for you.

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