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You can also check out our Q&A Google Group Quick Talk AAC by Russ Ewell for answers and discussion on future products from Digital Scribbler.

Can you explain all of the typing options?

Quick Type and Quick Talk (Typing Mode) include 6 different typing options which allow for automatic speaking and clearing of the text. When Speak Each Word is selected, the device will speak each word automatically after typing. This allows the user to keep typing without having to stop to speak. Similarly, when Speak Each Sentence is selected, the devices will speak the previous sentence automatically. The Clear options (including Clear After Speaking, Speak Each Word and Clear and Speak Each Sentence And Clear) mean that the phrase will be cleared after pressing the “Go” or Play button. The latter two include the automatic speaking options described above. When the option None is selected, the app will not speak until the “Go” or Play button is pressed and not clear until the Clear button is pressed.

The iOS version includes 50 voices (both male and female) in 24 languages. The Android version currently includes 3 US English voices and can also work with any 3rd party text-to-speech voice that has been installed on the device, including other languages. We are working on upgrading the Android version to include all 50 voices as well.

Yes. This organization is one of the main highlights of Quick Talk. Commonly used phrases are organized by profiles which can be different users or different environments (work, home, school, etc). Within each profile you have categories and pages which can be used to organize and navigate quickly to your desired phrase. Everything is easily categorized and organized quickly.

Scanning and switches do work with Quick Talk, though the experience has not been optimized yet.

Yes. Both Quick Talk and Quick Type include word and phrase prediction. The app prompts the user with prediction for the current word as well as the next word. It learns as you use it, so the predictions will get better and better based on your common phrases and speech. You also have the ability to delete unwanted predictions (such as typos or anything you want to keep private) so they do not keep being suggested.

Yes. This is a very popular feature of Quick Talk. The user can record his or her own voice for use in each of the buttons.

Yes, for iOS you can easily backup or share your profiles to your favorite cloud provider using the option from the profile settings screen. We are in the process of adding this feature to Android. For Android versions, there is a manual method to save and transfer the app setup that we will be happy to explain. Find a folder called “digitalscribbler” on your SD card. That is where all of your data for Quick Talk is saved. You can save that folder as a backup and just replace it if you want to restore it.

No. Once downloaded, everything needed for Quick Talk or Quick Type to function is on the device. For Quick Type, if you do not have internet access, you are able to use Offline Mode.

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