Quick Type AAC from Digital Scribbler

Quick Type was designed to give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. Available on both iOS and Android devices, Quick Type makes communication simple, fast and flexible to what you need.


when you are on the go.


It’s Simple

When you are on the move at or away from home, you can’t have software developed for those with computer science degrees. Setting it up ought to be easy, since the life of a special needs family is already complicated. You also don’t need software capable of giving a college lecture. Quick Type allows for quick and functional conversation, when you are on the move.

Key Features

  • 3 High Quality Voices Included
  • Allows You to Speak as You Type
  • Choose from Different Options (i.e. Speak Each Word, Speak Each Sentence, Clear Window After Speaking Automatically, etc)
  • Four Predictive Word Choices as You Type; Predicts Current Word and Next Word
  • Learns your Favorite Words and Phrases as You Type
  • Option to Delete Predictive Words (Good for Misspellings or Personal Items)
  • Clear and Easy to Use