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Google I/O 2016: 12 Leadership Qualities of Google’s Sundar Pichai

Mr. Pichai strode across the stage at Google I/O like a scholar or professor instead of a Silicon Valley CEO. He was teaching not selling. He was presenting the results of groundbreaking research. Even the press appears unaware of exactly what is happening as they keep reporting on products, seemingly oblivious to the ideas, perhaps because ideas are more difficult to understand and explain? We look at the product called Google Home (press, developers, and me too!), while Mr. Pichai and his team have their eyes on the science.

A Passion for Teaching

You haven’t taught until they have learned attributed to John Wooden My parents made certain we attended incredible schools, but my mom wouldn’t teach in them.  There were two reasons for this decision.  She didn’t want to teach in the schools her children attended, and more importantly, she wanted to teach children of color.  My…

Learning from Facebook, Google+, and Twitter

This last year and a half I have had the distinct pleasure of participating in the relationship building networks we call social media (vintage depiction of Twitter in attached picture found here).   My most recent experience has been on Facebook, which has proved to be my playground.  Where Twitter and Google+ have been about…

What can we learn from Facebook?

The New York Times published an article entitled “The Education of Mark Zuckerberg” on May 12, 2012.   This seems appropriate since Facebook will become a public company on May 18, 2012.  The initial stock price will likely range between 28 to 35 dollars a share.   At the end of trading, most expect Facebook…

The Lose Lose of Autism & Law Enforcement

Somehow in some way we need to address the lose lose of Autism and Law Enforcement. Recently, Wood TV reported the story of a 19 year old with autism being restrained, handcuffed, and placed in custody. John Bessinger took his son, Johnathan, to the courthouse downtown Grand Rapids for a guardianship hearing Wednesday. Before they…
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The Courage to Stop

“Your genetic energy level enables your lack of discipline,” Rochelle continued. “Instead of leading a disciplined life, you lead a busy life.” The Stop Doing List by Jim Collins USA Today, December 30, 2003 Digital Scribbler recently completed the first step in our effort to develop a transformational Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) App. We…