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Hacking Autism: Schuyler on 3D Printing

This is Schuyler St. Leger who along with his father Jim serves as the subject of my post called “Hacking Autism: St. Leger’s Give Voice To Autism“.

Here is the section of the article discussing 3D printers:

The ABC7 story actually has footage of Schuyler and I talking at lunch.  I was doing the listening, because Schuyler was giving me a tutorial on the construction and production of 3D printers.  In fact, he pulled a whistle out of his pocket produced by his very own 3D printer…a real whistle.

Throughout the lunch I was in awe (Shuyler is 11 year’s old!).  Afterward, I walked over to Jim, who happens to work at Intel.  I jokingly questioned Jim about Intel hiring the wrong St. Leger (forgive me again Jim).  The look on his face, lead me to believe this was not the first time the subject had been broached (hopefully not by his bosses).