Could Apple Revolutionize Special Education?

Let’s take just one stakeholder example: students with disabilities, as well as their teachers and parents. Autism advocate and software developer Russ Ewell from the Hope Technology Group is excited. “Apple could unlock another door for autism with this breakthrough,” Ewell said. “Parents could create social story books.” So could special education teachers or therapists, tailored for each student.

Tim Carmody, What’s Wrong with Education

Tim Carmody has written an extraordinary article about the future of education and publishing.  I will have additional comments about this subject in the future, especially after Apple’s announcement.  What thrilled me was the quote he used – a quote belonging to me.

I was dreaming about a publishing platform created by Apple, which might allow any parent to create social stories for their kids.  Imagine parents, teachers, and therapist being able to work together developing social story books for their kids.  Volumes helping them with every stressful event, difficult social situation, or simply helping them understand emotions.

If Apple does something like this…a garageband of ebooks – along with the iPad, they would be taking another disruptive step toward revolutionizing special education.