Google I/O, Tango, and Android Gear

I was fortunate enough to attend Google I/O 2014.  There are two things which captured my attention.   The first was Project Tango, which was on my radar prior to Google I/O.   Project Tango is the work of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) and is led by Johnny Lee.  The work they are doing with new high-powered tablets holds great promise for those with special needs.

I spoke with Johnny Lee, and was able to share my vision for using the Project Tango Tablet to empower those with Autism and other disabilities.   Equally encouraging was the chance to secure a spot for Digital Scribbler on the preferred list of developers.   It was a great day and what I have been sharing has inspired all my engineer friends and coders.  Johnny Lee is a rockin’ dude…mad skills…and big vision (make sure you watch the video above to see his presentation).

There was one more thing.   Google is always generous with developers.  Each one of us received Android Gear watches.  This was somewhat irrelevant to me on first glance, but once I heard a few talks, and put the watch through its paces everything became clear.  The Android Smart Watches are going to be a tremendous tool for aiding those with disabilities.  We were so impressed we have decided to create an AAC app specifically for Android Gear.

This post comes after much deliberation brought on by a tremendous Google I/O.   We can’t wait to build and release to create a brighter future for those with special needs, one where they can use technology to overcome their human limits.