Griffin Outshines Otterbox for Autism

iPads and Kids work great together, but sometimes the iPad can take a pounding.  We have found this to be especially true when using the iPad as a communication device for those with Autism.

In our work, we have invested in a variety of cases.  We also recommend cases to families and schools.

For the most part, we have used and recommended Otterbox, and they do provide a valuable product.  We still use their cases, but a company called Griffin has recently taken a step ahead.

Old Griffin Case

These rugged cases have a hard plastic, which surrounds the iPad/iPhone, while a rubber section  surrounds the plastic to seal out dust and water (see above).  This is standard design in most ruggedized cases.  Unfortunately, in our work, a number of kids and adults with Autism have sensory issues as well.   Their sensory issues make the rubber section an attractive source of play.  The kids especially enjoy using the rubber as a form of play dough to have fun or when anxious.  They can do a lot of bending and twisting.   Over time the rubber is damaged, and no longer serves the protective purpose for which it was designed.

new Griffin case

Griffin solved this problem when they changed the design (see above).

Rather than have the rubber section fully surround the plastic interior, they designed it so they rubber can be locked between the two plastic pieces.  This prevents kids from pulling the rubber off and playing with it, which insures these cases will be useful for a long time.

When spending the type of money required to purchases these cases, a small design adjustment like this can save hundreds of dollars.

Attention to detail makes Griffin and their Survivor case the one we recommend to protect your iPad.

Disclosure:  We have zero connection with Griffin.