The Latest in Overcoming Human Limits


There are a number of great applications for helping those with intellectual disabilities extend their capabilities.  I like to call this extending of capabilities “overcoming human limits.”

The one disappointment I have had since Digital Scribbler launched Quick Talk AAC is the lack of a great social stories app.

A great social stories app should reduce sensory overload by giving family and helpers a tool to preview experiences.  For instance, before going to the dentist the individual can watch a visual social story to prepare.  Pictures of the dentist, hygienists, and office will make the new familiar before the family arrives.

A great social stories app should entertain, by collecting memorable visual moments, putting them to music, and streaming from the cloud anywhere anytime.

This social story app should be easy to configure for both special needs and typical individuals.  It should connect to every major source of rich media, so it can be imported with ease.

There are so many ways a true social stories app could change lives by helping children and adults with special needs access unused abilities.

Note: You can purchase the above image here.