Nov 13th 2018 – This Week In Virtual Reality

Here at Digital Scribbler, one of the things we believe in is using technology to help overcome our own human limits. One of the platforms that is creating and will continue to create huge areas for opportunity in this field is Virtual Reality (VR). We are very excited to be exploring the ideas that will come with using VR in inclusion.

We recorded a podcast talking introducing the topic of VR and how we believe it will be used, you can listen to it here.

We will be posting once a week detailing the latest news in VR. Anything we see that is interesting or pertaining to what we are doing as well as general shifts or exciting things in this field. As well as one more post a week detailing what we are working on, things we have done, and things we hope to do in the future.

Here is, This Week In Virtual Reality:


VR and Education:

Latest in VR technology:

  • The go-kart company K1 Speed has combined an Oculus Rift headset and real-life racing on electric karts. Racers will get into karts with a headset and race go-karts around a real track, but they will navigate through the headset creating a real life Mario Kart experience.

  • Watch Adam Levine, Leslie Jones, Jonah Hill and more experience Virtual Reality in the new Oculus Ad

  • Virtual Reality is able to offer therapy for people with common phobias, without having to truly experience it.