According to the National Institute of Health between 8 and 10 percent of people have a communication disorder.  This means for a variety of reasons 7.5 million people struggle to communicate verbally.

My personal experience with voice and communication disorders began in my own family.  My son who has Autism is verbally challenged.  After spending significant sums on communication tools I replaced my dissatisfaction with innovation.

I could not find or recommend an affordable and complete communication solution that inspired my son to communicate.  As a result, I began working with a team of friends who happened to be engineers.  Additionally, I participated in the ground breaking program called Hacking Autism, where I received even more motivation to build Quick Talk AAC.

The first version was released on Android, then the iOS and finally on Kindle Devices.  Customer feedback along with extraordinary design input from Hope Technology School have transformed Quick Talk AAC 2.0.

We think our customers will be pleased, and hope word spreads to those searching for a communication solution.

Quick Talk AAC has been designed to be a breakthrough touch application for communication.  We start with the individual in mind, then apply the most effective communication methodologies.  The result is an innovative tool which our customers say inspires communication.