Scholastic Highlights Our TouchSmart Project

Digital Scribbler Inc. was born from an experimental project in partnership with Hope Technology School.  This project utilized the HP TouchSmart in an early effort to leverage multi-touch computing in the classroom.  Scholastic recently highlighted this project here.  The original case study can be found here.

We leveraged our experiences with the TouchSmart to begin developing touch computing ideas for the future.  One of those ideas was to develop Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) software.  We decided to focus on this idea, because, in our opinion, the community of autistic children and adults with verbal challenges was underserved.

The early work with the TouchSmart produced a company named Digital Scribbler Inc., and software called Quick Talk.  You can learn more about Quick Talk here.

As a parent of special needs children, my wife and I learned a great from these experiences.  Most important is the value of innovation.  Innovation turns can’t into can, and allows us to discover hidden solutions to overwhelming challenges.