The Plodder: A Quick Talk AAC Update

While others rush around in the frenzy and busyness which very bright people so often confuse with “creativity,” the plodder puts one foot in front of the other and gets there first, like the tortise in the old fable.

Peter Drucker, The Effective Executive

The new release of our Quick Talk AAC software is near.   Over the last several months we have been synthesizing all the information we have received.   Therapists, teachers, and parents have weighed in with their insights.  Verbally challenged users from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, have inspired and humbled us with their feedback.

We have been plodders in developing the next iteration of Quick Talk AAC, because of a simple and yet profound realization.  Experience is the best teacher.  We now have a better understanding of what we need to create.

The tablet, smartphone, and touch technology revolution has only just begun, and everything points to a complete transformation of education.  We are determined that those with disabilities not be left out of this inflection point in educational history.

The Apple iPad and assorted devices remain dominant, but the Google Nexus 7 has made clear others are getting into this game for the long haul.  The Kindle Fire and Nook are minor but important player who expand the market in significant ways.

All of this is great for the consumer.  Each device opens the door to different types of users, which means the future will include rather than exclude.   Education, learning, and the possibilities for personal development are and will continue to expand.

The next version of Quick Talk AAC takes all of this into consideration.  Our next version will expand far beyond the simple two symbol screen.  Every user will be shocked by the multiplicity of communication options available in our very affordable software.  In one place, users will find options suited to their particular style of communication.

This new version will immediately become one of the most customizable communication apps available, and we will be working until it satisfies completely.

Quick Talk AAC while remaining focused will become versatile.  Simple and yet complete.  We are very excited about this new release…can you tell?

The paradigms of education and learning are changing.  We see this clearly.   Education and Special Education are changing right before our eyes.  We plan to create the tools to bring these possibilities to everyone we can.  To this end, Quick Talk AAC is merely our first of a number of education apps to come in 2013.

Stay tuned…and thanks for all the support.