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Using technology to overcome human limits.

Multiple platforms. Accessible Communication.


A great communication device needs to travel with you and fit in a pant pocket or purse. With our products, you can go anywhere with your child, whip out your phone or tablet, and have communication at the speed of life.


Software should work for you, not make you work for it. You deserve a device that can be customized to your own family’s communication style. Our products allow for personalized (rather than engineered) communication.


Setting up software ought to be easy, since the life of a special needs family is already complicated enough! Our products allow for quick and functional conversation, whether you are on the move or at home.

Quick Talk AAC

Designed to make communication simple, fast and flexible to what you need.

Quick Talk


Quick Type AAC

Introducing an affordable, intuitive text-to-speech app.  Simply type what you want to say and your device will speak for you.

Quick Type



Autism Beyond The iPad

The transformative impact of the iPad and touch devices on those with disabilities is plateauing, and will soon be fading. These devices have seen very little innovation since 2012-2013 with the introduction of the Mini and the Air. They are still excellent devices, but their sales have declined for these reasons....

Google I/O 2016: 12 Leadership Qualities of Google’s Sundar Pichai

Mr. Pichai strode across the stage at Google I/O like a scholar or professor instead of a Silicon Valley CEO. He was teaching not selling. He was presenting the results of groundbreaking research. Even the press appears unaware of exactly what is happening as they keep reporting on products, seemingly oblivious to the ideas, perhaps because ideas are more difficult to understand and explain? We look at the product called Google Home (press, developers, and me too!), while Mr. Pichai and his team have their eyes on the science....

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